Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…

So, my last post on here was nearly two years ago. I can only apologise for that, but in my defence it’s been one helluva a two years including, but not limited to: My year abroad, my final year at university, my dissertation, falling in love, two plays on stage and two behind the scenes, graduating, moving house and job hunting.

However, (silver lining time), I’ve learnt and read an awful lot in that time; in brief, I’m a better writer with more to write about. But I’m still a dorky Maximo Park loving tea addict.





Yeah… I haven’t done anything with either Book Vampire or Manga Addicts Anonymous for a couple of months – but in all fairness I have been working, visiting relatives and putting my life in such a state that I can just up and leave the country for a year. Oh didn’t I mention that? I’m living in Paris for the year as an Erasmus student. Poor me, eh? But now that I’m settled, I solemnly swear to do SOME updates at the very least.

Hello Book Vampires!

Hillo, Book Vampires! (No, that’s not a typo). Welcome, I aim to produce a compendium of reviews which the bored Book Vampire may peruse to find inspiration for their next read. By “Book Vampire” I, of course, refer to people who read a lot, or at least would if they had the time – not Dracula, Edward Cullen, Lestat, or Bill Compton. They’re welcome to read if they want to, but they’re not my primary audience. 😀

Mua ha ha ha! (Until I can think of a better sign-off…)